Zzz Records comes back to edge Bi-Fiers

Windsor Heights, IA (AP) -- Despite falling behind by as many as seven runs early, Zzz Records came back to score 13 runs in the final four innings to pull out a 19-18 win over rival Bi-Fi Records of Ames.

Bi-Fi Records seemed to take control early, largely behind the bat of Patrick Fleming. He hit four home runs and a double during the game, for a total of 11 RBIs. At the end of the 4th inning, Bi-Fi had built a 13-6 advantage.

Zzz's pitching duo of Erin McBroom and Weeter Kane eventually found their stride, though, and held Bi-Fi scoreless in 4 of the 5 final innings. The Z's were also aided by the deceptively speedy "Shoeless" Trey Cruz, who reached base at least three times on wild throws by SS Jake Haselman.

Bi-Fi's final out came when Devin, of Poison Control Center fame, flew out to OF Karl Siemers, who luckily put out his cigarette just in time to snag the ball.


BI-FI RECORDS   2 5 2 4 0 0 5 0 0   18  25  7
ZZZ RECORDS     1 5 0 0 4 3 2 4 x   19  30  6

P - Canadian Wheat Lords guy and Uhl; McBroom and Weeter, 
Weeter and McBroom (3), McBroom and Schaecher (5), Weeter 
and McBroom (7), McBroom and Hardee (8), Dewey Cheatem
and Howe (9).
HR - P. Fleming (4), ? (1), ? (1); N. Niceswanger (1)
HBP - B. Courtney by Canadian Wheat Lords guy