Nitty Gritty Record Cleaners

Since our opening in the year 2000, Zzz Records has been an authorized dealer for Nitty Gritty Record Cleaning Machines. Nitty Gritty Inc., based in California, has been around for 30 years, and is recognized as one of the leaders in the battle to preserve vinyl. They manufacture record cleaning machines, protective sleeves, cleaning fluid, and other supplies.

A Nitty Gritty machine is a great investment for your household. They are invaluable for keeping your own records in good shape, as well as when you pick up those slightly beat-up garage sale finds that need a good home. Keep in mind that all of the machines listed below will produce the same results, more or less; the only difference is the amount of work (and time) required to clean each record.

All of our machines run for 10% less than the standard retail price -- from $476 to $1,421. (6% sales tax added to all sales within Iowa, 7.75% sales tax added to all California customers. UPS shipping charges are also added to final cost, but we usually can save you money by having it shipped ground.)

Model 1.0/2.0$476$545
Manual operation & fluid application -- great for smaller collections & tight budgets
Record Master 1/2$508$575
Same as the above machines, but with a built-in adapter for cleaning 45s & 10" records, along with your LPs.
Model 1.5/2.5$755$827
Automatic rotation; manual fluid application.
Model 1.5 Fi/2.5 Fi$913$989
Automatic rotation; automatic fluid application. An excellent machine!
Dual Pump 2.5Fi-XPNot Available$1,088
Same as the 2.5Fi, but with a second fluid reservoir. Great choice if you are cleaning both LPs and 78s.
Mini-Pro 1/2$1,321$1,421
Same as above, but cleans both sides at once. This is what we use in our store!

Some machines are also available in a nice cocobolo cabinet for an extra charge. For an accurate quote on these, please email or call.

If you would like to see a working demonstration of our machine, stop by and we will show you how well they really do work. We have cleaned well over 100,000 LPs with our Mini-Pro 2, and have been very happy with the results.

* -- Prices effective as of January 1, 2017. Prices are subject to change at any time.