Zzz Records' "Email of the Decade" Contest

In September of 2010, Zzz Records celebrated its tenth anniversary. To celebrate, we threw a huge party at the Vaudeville Mews in Des Moines. Local bands The Jerkels, Dresden Style, and Cleo's Apartment played for a solid crowd.

In true Zzz style, we also gave away door prizes, and had trivia contests throughout the night. However, the biggest prize of the night went to one lucky Zzz fan. We decided to pick one random email that had been sent to us between 2000 & 2010. That person would then win a huge prize package, including a Zzz t-shirt, a Zzz gift certificate, some Zzz stickers, and an autographed picture of the owner.

Here is a copy of the winning email, which was sent to us by Jeralyn Brent on November 7, 2004:

"Why not become a real record store, with less popular items. You may find that it could be for your own best interest to sell things that have a much larger turn over, rather than people going to your store to find the same shit all of the time. You may find that it could be for your advantage to do so. Break away from that classic rock routine, and get yourself some items worth purchasing. The stuff you have is the same shit that poeple have seen you the longest time."

Congratulations, Jeralyn! Thanks for being such a great customer! We hope you enjoy your prize package!